Former Koret Student Research Published

Friday, April 5, 2019


2017-2018 Koret scholar Kyle Rocha recently had a paper published documenting his Koret research. The paper, "Residual Carbon in Oxygen–Neon White Dwarfs and Its Implications for Accretion-induced Collapse," was published in the February 20, 2019 volume of The Astrophysical Journal. The paper's primary author was Josiah Schwab, a Hubble Fellow in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Department at UCSC, and Kyle's mentor on the Koret project. 

Kyle's research explored the effects of minor isotopes on accretion-induced collapse, using the code Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA) to evolve stars and produce white dwarfs with accurate chemical profiles to characterize their collapse to neutron stars.